WE produceD OVER 30 videos for
wnc nonprofits last year.

all at no charge to the nonprofits.

GOODWorks WNC produced over 30 nonprofit videos

in just 3 months last Fall. IMAGINE the impact the program had

on so many nonprofits that had little/no budget for video.




WATCH this video. It gives the best explanation of the program!


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nonprofits             sponsors

about goodworks wnc

This is a collaborate effort.


The Nonprofits

The Sponsors

The Venues

The Community

The Producers

This one will take a village.


It started from an idea but until now producing a quality video platform just could not be done cost-effectively and distribution by nonprofits broadly was cost-prohibitive.


This is the time!


The world of social media now give nonprofits a clear and easy path to communicate broadly in search of awareness, support, and visibility. Now content is king. Quality video is the most influential medium on the Internet but is often out of reach for most nonprofits.


Produce 4 video segments at one time, capture the show live to tape, and then distribute.


Crunch Media has developed a cost-effective technical work flow and is producing a community-based model who's mission is to provide this project to our community and for our community.


Michael Trufant, Owner and Creative Director, at Crunch Media has had this idea in his head for years: How to give back with the gifts Crunch Media has in a cost-efficient and meaningful way?


(Almost) Nothing new. The idea has been in his head for years. The technology now can make it real. WNC nonprofits can be seen, raise awareness, gain support, and do what they do best. Serve! Crunch Media is merely providing its time and talent in the best way it can serve.


Elizabeth Trufant leads the organization and directing on GOODWorks WNC.

It's not about video. It's all about the nonprofits and what they can bring to our community. Abundance! Many hands make light work.


Come join the project! Be a Segment or Venue sponsor! Make a difference!




Before we were out of the gate, we have had people just saying they want to contribute for the good of the effort. They don’t want promotion, they just want to be a part of something really, really good. We love that.


Let us tell you how that will work. First, thank you. Because the program has a fixed cost model, any dollars offered by individuals or non direct-sponsoring companies, will go directly towards sponsoring nonprofits that have no segment sponsor. EVERYTHING goes into the show. Period.


Non-sponsoring contributions will extend the show even further. Thank you!



Full Disclosure:


Crunch Media is the producer of this project and this show.


The Math: If you add up the gross potential money that can be generated to sponsor a show, that will comes out to $1,200 a show to offset Crunch Media’s expense. For the rest of this year, Crunch Media will receive no income beyond $1,200 per show.


I assure you the time, energy, and work to do this each and every week is not about the money. It’s about mission and ministry to try and make an impact for our collective local greater good. It may fail, but we are still called to bring our gifts and talents forward. And so we begin. Please join us.


Your sponsorship is not a charitable donation and we are not an IRS 501(c)3 recognized organization. We decided to execute this project out of Crunch Media because it would allow us to stay nimble, make decisions as rapidly as needed and stay flexible as we navigate developing this project. Producers make all final decisions.


After the first year, if successful, we will look to see if this project is best served as, or under the umbrella of, a reputable nonprofit organization. We hope we get to that point.


Until then, we hope you will have a broad perspective, stay with the big picture, and help put “wind” in our community’s sails. We are very excited and passionate about his project.


Imagine the good you can do supporting such a worthwhile project. Be a part of something very, very good!


Please email or call me with any questions or to participate.










Michael Trufant

Owner and Creative Director

Crunch Media


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